Power Flush Service

The best way to maintain the life your your heating system is to have it cleaned out thoroughly on a regular basis in order to remove sludge and debris from the system. This single problem accounts for 80% of boiler breakdowns within the UK, and requires a professional power flush service to remove and prevent the problem. The process requires high velocity jetting of chemical acids systematically throughout the heating system, the technique is used to restore your central heating system to optimum efficiency. Thats why we always recommend a power flush service with every new boiler installation. Its the same as buying a new car, you wouldn’t use your old oil for your new car, would you? the same principle applies.

Power Flush Services 

A power flush service needs to be carried out properly by an experienced engineer as so many factors can go wrong. Here at Delta Plumbing our engineers carry out power flush services for residential and commercial customers using the latest power flush technology and cleaning equipment, we conduct a survey of radiator temperatures before and after so you get a full report on the efficiency increase of each individual radiator and complete system. We offer a fully comprehensive service for a highly competitive rate for all our customers.

Power Flush Services From £350 (Up to 5 radiators & materials inc vat)Additional Radiator: £30 inc vat


MagnaClean Filters

A Magna Clean filter is a brilliant filter device that simply collects all the metal and rust within your heating system on the return pipe to the boiler, its very effective and works well when cleaned out regularly with your boiler service. We always recommend filters to anybody upgrading or power flushing their heating system.

We supply and fit MagnaClean filters from £95 inc VAT